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Level Limits for Realms

Aug 21, 2009
I see one of the realms is called Commodor. I think only those who have reached commodor status or higher should be enabled to enter it though I'd like to see all the realm names changed in line with the rank of players. The reason I say this is that when my character is a commodor and other commodors decide that since they are commodors they will play in the commodor realm then you have more people around that are at your level to do ship battles with and to adventure with. Realm names should be given names that allow players to better find those around their own levels.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Why on earth would they do this? This is an mmo, which means that anyone can and should be able to play with anyone regardless of level, status or title. Doing this might make players like you happy, but for others, it'd just be a royal pain to deal with. If you want to play with other higher level players, then try going to more populated realms and/or areas.

Feb 27, 2009
Nah That's a bad idea. I swear it's a HORRIBLE Idea No one would be able to meet in a certain realm. Exp: Realm, Vamida. Pirate: Hey I got a idea let's go to the realm Vamdia. Pirate: Ok Pirate: I've been waiting for five minutes. Text's Pirate. Hey Pirate are you coming or what? Pirate: I can't.
Pirate: Why come Pirate: I can't because it's a realm. Pirate: Why in the lord of the Armada, KI added this.
That's scenario and so KI don't take his idea and you kinda ruined the battles to. What you need to do is at least let the pirate, his first mate, and one enemy to join. K?