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Let's give some love to Monkey King

Apr 18, 2010
Out of all our major companions so far, Monkey King has got it probably the worst of the bunch. Fragile, few epics, comes in later in the game when some longer running companions are getting their promotions, and even with Valencia 2 on the horizon, STILL NO PROMOTION!!!

My humble self has some suggestions to give to the crew to make him not just more usable to your pirate, but unique. So here I go with my crazy ideas.

Let's give him some new toys to work with, starting with a unique spell, Vanish!

Vanish: Monkey King will be able to disappear and reappear instantaneously from a distance. He can teleport from up to 1 times his movement range. He will NOT activate any epics nor traps from this jump in movement, including Repel Boarders, Hold the Line, Cheap Shot, Overwatch, Parting Shot, Coward's Bane, and Readied Spell. In addition, Vanish does not count enemies in your movement range, meaning Monkey King can "teleport" through a defending Ratbeard, for example, and not have to go around him as he normally would. Lastly, when reappearing, Monkey King will have +25 Dodge for one turn. You can choose to attack an enemy adjacent to your exit point if you wish. Monkey King would have 2 of these spells by default.

The idea of this is to be a way to easily bypass certain defensive positions as well as give Monkey King more "Trickster" to his "Celestial Trickster" title. He can completely bypass overwatching Musketeers that would easily grind his health too much. You can also use it to take down a key opponent in the back like a Privateer in PVP, or a boss in PVE, and the extra dodge will help with the inevitable dogpiling he'll get after he teleports. And if too much punishment is taken, he can leave with his second Vanish. This makes him much more mobile on the battleboard, something only Buccaneers can really do well.

His last spell is where it all comes together though and that's his Clone Jutsu!!

Clone Jutsu: Monkey King will create 4 clones of himself. He can cast the spell up to 4 squares away, and will teleport himself while doing so. The way to cast it is similar to Witch Doctor's Stygian Chorus. When the actual cast is over, the Monkey King and his clones will spawn in an "X" pattern, with one Monkey King at the square you casted, and the other four two spaces away from the center in an "X" pattern (the spacing out prevents Witch Doctors from simply hitting all of them in the AOE). The cool thing about the spell is that the position of the real Monkey King is randomized, meaning no one but you and your teammates will know which Monkey King is the real one. Because of this, all clones are controllable, but deal 25% of Monkey King's damage, and take 200% damage. All clones share Monkey King's epics, and all clones can use Vanish.

I'm running out of characters to type, so I'll elaborate my mentality of this spell in the next post. Until next time me swabbies.

Apr 18, 2010
Okay, so the whole point of Clone Jutsu (name may change, cause I just realized Monkey King is a Chinese character, so ninja stuff wouldn't be appropriate ) is that Monkey King actually uses a power that he actually has in the the Journey to the West, which was having his hairs become clones if he wished. He even shows that he has this power in the game anyway, so why can't he use it? Thus, this idea took form.

First things first, the clones are randomized; if anyone here plays DOTA, you know about Chaos Knight and his Phantasm spell? If you don't, he basically creates a number of "illusions" to fight with him. A few of characters can do this, but his is special because his position is randomized with his illusions to confuse his enemies. That's just the point here. But you may say, "In PVP, wouldn't you just see which is the clone because they have less health?" NOPE, because just like DOTA, the clones taking 200% damage doesn't mean they have half health, but that their attackers simply deal double damage, so they won't know which is which until either they attack, or the clones do (since 25% normal damage is quite noticeable). But to make sure the trickery sticks, all the clones can do EVERYTHING Monkey King can (barring casting Clone Jutsu), including epics and having Vanish. With a bunch of clones being able to teleport all across the battleboard, Monkey King will truly have a tricky playstyle that enemies, A.I. or otherwise, need to watch out for, else they feel the true power of the South Wind!

Well, tell me what you think pirates (and if I'm lucky, Ratbeard will see this too). I have PLENTY more idea I can share if you mind me chewing your ear (eyes? screen? idk) off for a while.

With Valencia 2 coming out, my love for this game has rekindled exponentially, so I hope the crew has a productive time with Test Realm, and the pirates out there help them out all they can. See y'all in the skyways.

Jan 17, 2012
Sep 19, 2012
during test I discovered monkey king, gracie and catbeard in need of specifically one rank of vengeance strike added on top of their other skills..
stormy jen silver

Jul 25, 2010