Let us change flags!

Nov 17, 2012
My witchdoctor, privateer, and musketeer all have the same icon on their flags. LOL. Anyway, I want them to choose unique icons like how my buccaneer has flowers and my swashbuckler has a cat. So my witchdoctor can have a bat, and my musketeer can have a butterfly instead of that skull girl icon like my privateer.

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Oct 15, 2012
Maybe in the next big update.
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Oct 26, 2012
This is currently a commonly requested feature. I agree with you about variety and customizing

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As others have mentioned, this is a very frequently requested feature.

A list of such suggestions/requests can be found here:

I think all us pirates would like to see this addition, these colors effect our Companions colors as well. :)

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