Less Ugly Gear - or the ability to stitch

Aug 21, 2009
Quite plainly, I'd like less ugly gear and the ability to stitch. When it comes to weapons as being a musketeer, I absolutely hate my shooty weapon guns being replaced by higher level non-bangish crossbows (if you are replacing pistols with crossbows, please make both pistols and crossbows available to choose between). I also hate my companion uniform colors being switched from being being primarily one color and secondarily another color and then reversed later on, I want to dye my companion's uniforms back to how they originally looked color wise when I started out.

Community Leader
While I don't think this is a huge deal, I'm always in favor of more customization options. I would imagine that, at sometime or another, this feature will be added, likely for crowns or as a gold sink.

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