Kudos to you KI

Petty Officer
Nov 28, 2008
Job well done on the tongue-in-cheek humor. Im sure most goes over the younger crowds head but I am not that younger crowd.

I usually just smirk or smile when I see stuff that I recognize and think that was pretty cool how you worked that in. But today.. I actually laughed out load.

Im in Cool Ranch now and as expected, I recognize most of the named cowboy figure and thought The Duke (John Wayne) character was cute. The accent tempo was a little off (but recognizable) and of course the voice was all wrong, but it was him saying it in my mind. But the part that really caught me by surprise was the Jackalopes.

When they first appeared I was thinking "That looks allot like what a Jackalope should be. Maybe a different size (thats just opinion) but could fit the description. Then Old Scratch chimes in.. just as I was reading the name above the next monster to falls head. With the surprise of what I saw along with the shock and amazement of of Scratch.. it just all jelled and I started laughing out-load.

TY to the writer or writers who came up with that sequence and TY for the smiles the game brings.

Just FYI - Since I haven't seen it yet.. I was kinda looking for a quest were I go "Snipe Hunting".. just saying: /wink wink If its not in the dialogue yet.. you should take this idea for the expansion.

I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the writers! Thanks!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*