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Kranken Skulls Update

Gunner's Mate
Aug 08, 2010
As you all know, KI made some changes to our Krakens Skulls Companions, and although i'm not complaining, how come emmett (Privateer now, used to be a musketeer) only got one new power when the rest of them (Aside from louis de bisque because he's great with his bombs already) got two.
I know it's healing, but he doesn't heal for much, and it's a turn where he wont be attacking.
I mean look at mormo! I can tell he's gonna be in pvp alot, since he has mojo storm (the strongest one) and mojo blade (weakest but still strong).
As for Sarah Steele, she's perfect, she was already pretty good, but now she's slightly op.
She's an epic swashbuckler companion killer for pvp because she has shadowdance (increased critical chance) and first strike, considering you can't dodge a critical that would be a huge game changer. And she has a hide, which means in a companion VS companion battle where both pirates are dead, that hiding power would come useful.
Barnabus might be a substitute goronado, only he doesn't get relentless, so it's not the same.
So what do you think about emmett and the other Krakens Skulls companions. Do you think they'll be used more in pvp? Let me know

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