Knick Knack Potion Please

Jan 16, 2010
The Volcano Island house from the Boochbeard bundle only has 100 housing spots for inside, and no pet/mount placement. Can this changed please. I only managed to decorate 3 rooms partially before I hit my limit inside. Usually bundle houses have 250 inside, and since part of the outside (backyard & volcano) are considered inside, there just is not enough places to put stuff to make it feel lived in. Please, if you do add the potion make it 100 items instead of the 50 from wizards. thanks!

Jan 29, 2010
I agree, the houses from the bundles and crowns shop are very large and need a bit more than only 100 items to make them look lived in. I would be willing to spend 200 crowns to permanently unlock 100 more item spaces in my house.