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KI Blog Ideas

May 06, 2009
I love the KI blog and I think it's going very well. I read every post you guys make and I find it fascinating to get a closer look behind the scenes. I just wanted to create a thread for players to maybe give feedback as well as suggestions for future blogs.

I hope you could consider answering a few questions through your blogs like...

-What do you do right after adding an update to the game? This is something that has puzzled me for a while. OK, so you add a new world, clean up and maintenance or a cool expansion, but then what do you do? I've always thought maybe you guys celebrate with an ice cream social or pizza party and then get started on your next project. That would be fun! Or is straight into the next thing?

-How did some of your villians Malistaire, Morganthe, and Kane come about? Seriously, I find them all to be very good characters and very intriguing, but I really want to know where you guys came up with the design. Like why spiders and a very harsh/egotistical personalitly for Morganthe? Or where did Malistaire start out as when Wizard101 was still in plannning? The same for Kane.

-How much work goes into the writing of Update Notes, Producer's Letter and Newsletters? I know Kingsisle must have it down pact now, but is it easy to make sure you've said everything you need. Has there ever been a time during planning where writing looks complete but maybe some items were forgotten (thank goodness they call it planning)?

-Are there any old ideas Kingsisle may have thought up of a while ago and are still on the 'waiting list'? And actually, how long is that "To-Do" list?

-What does it take to be a concept artist for Kingsisle or in general? I really love to draw and illustrate and I've always beamed at the idea of being a concept artist at Kingsisle because while seeing the finished product is amazing, I would have never guessed that it's in the concept artist's hands to make the landscape, characters, etc. These are things I love to do. I think the closet KI has come to this question is with the 'Day in the of a Kingsisle Artist' and 'The Evolution of Bartelby' Part 1 and 2, but never really explained it. I'd love to know how that comes around and to be a concept artist, do you need to know a thing or two about programming? (not quite my strong suit)

That's all my questions of for possible blogs. I hope you take any of them into consideration. As for any Wizards and Pirates coming to post, what ideas do you have and how do you feel about Kingsisle's blog?

See You in the Spiral!

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
Blog=awesome sauce.
How did ki think of the classes and symbols in w101 and p101?