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just a grand idea

Oct 19, 2012
just a thought.

i wish there was an arena where you could just battle your companions against eachother.
Like if you have 26 companions, you could do an 8v8 or something incredible like that. maybe it would be a good crowns item to buy to add to your "home". But i really wish this was a thing bc at certain levels of pirate, you cant really tell how good a companion is. For example, bonnie anne wasnt a top 3 companion until mid lvl ish. or el toro who is always a complete baller. Anyway, just a sick idea that SHOULD be added ASAP

Feb 11, 2010
Tis a grand idea indeed!

I love the idea of pitting my companions against each other.

Jun 02, 2013
It doesn't seem so bad, I suppose it could see side quest companions get more use etc, it's something good to keep us busy until book 15

Gunner's Mate
Dec 26, 2013
I think it could be a great addition especially if it could somehow be incorporated into the "Brawlin'" aspect of companion down-time. Maybe an option to allow two companions to be assigned to Brawlin' and have the ability to actually watch them as they brawl. I know there's a time frame discrepancy... Brawlin' time is based on level and can vary greatly, and obviously a real-time brawl isn't going to take as much time as it takes your companions to complete a Brawlin' assignment. But all of that is just periphery... the whole idea would be just for entertainment value. To be able to watch your companions fight on their own and to see the strategies they use without being instructed by their boss would be interesting.

Feb 06, 2016
I'd love seeing Martin, Moresco, Goronado and Cornelius duke it out.
KI please.

Jul 07, 2013
Dec 06, 2012