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Just a few things

Jul 04, 2009
Mkay, I've noticed a few things on the game. I might not be a high level, but here is what I got that I think needs to be fixed/added.

1. I think companions should be like pets, that you can place a certain amount of them in your house.
2. El Toro, when you meet him in the house for the second time, and when Santa Rana's attack that he should be wearing the tuxedo and not just show up in the masked outfit. Santa Rana appearing is just enough of a clue to let you know who he is let alone what he said during the dungeon.
3. Is a bazaar going to be ever added? Or is it just going to be spaced out like it currently is.
4. There should be some gold mounts as well since some users cant afford to buy a lot of crowns. I know they might be some cheap ones, but still.
5. Last but not least, I think that there should be more items for galleons and not for skiff's. (Too many Skiff items and not enough galleons)

:| Just pointing out a few things. Hope you don't mind. ^.^

Aug 21, 2009
The ship part types that drop are largely based upon what ships you are fighting and going up against.