Joining fights when part of a group

May 30, 2010
My privateer and my husband's witchdoctor run as a team. Today he managed to get into a couple of fights (one boarding action and one on land). With the boarding action, I got the x to join the fight, but never did, so I ported to him. With the other, he'd been separated from my character as we grabbed objects d'artes in Granchia. I ported to his character there.

As expected, I showed up sans crew. Rather not expected, in both cases the number of his enemies spiked up to account for my presence with crew (unless the armada always does a 9:4 attack). Should I not have only pulled in a single mob that would focus on my character? Is it a function of us running as a group as opposed to two singletons running together? And if that's the case, should I not have had at least a crew member come to help mitigate the number of attackers I pulled in?

Apr 09, 2011
I/we encountered the same issue.

When the ship is boarded and someone joins, they are automatically considered a late join. Sometimes, it worked correctly and only added the joiner to the battle, other times the game added alot of enemies to defeat. The game never provided companions to a late joiner

The problem is, I/we did not join late, it the defender (boarded ship) has not selected any moves, it should be considered "the first turn" and allow the joiner to bring a full omplement. Instead, the enemy gets the entire first round, and the defender starts at round 2. the joiner starts at (?) round 3.

The new system works for ground battles, but for sea battles, something definitely needs to be adjusted.

There was a quick update performed last night to address the issue of players being outnumbered by enemies when joining combat during the enemy's first turn. You shouldn't find yourself outnumbered like this again.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*