"I've Got the Powder" mission frustration

Feb 01, 2011
Okay, first I want to say I do enjoy this game very much. I've already got two pirates up to level 50, so I can clearly grind levels with the best of them. I'm now working on a musketeer...specifically the Louis Le Bisque's promotion quest. His tedious, never-ending, utterly frustrating and boring promotion quest. Yup, it's another case of 'the item you need never drops'-itis. I swear, I've destroyed well over 20 of these Armada ships, and only have one of the four drops I need. It's the stupid Monquistan holy water horror all over again. At this rate, I'll have to destroy 100 ships (!) or more before I can complete the mission. Ugh! I play these games to have fun...this isn't fun, it's work.

Basically, I've decided to just put this quest on the back burner, do without Louis, and complete it in five or six levels after I get a more powerful ship and can destroy the Armada ships quicker and easier. It's a shame, because I wanted to have this pirate have all musketeers as his primary crew. KI, pleeease consider up-ing the drop rate on this mission. It may be too late to help me, but future musketeers will thank you.