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"It's Sabotage! (Part III)" Dialogue request

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011

During Beachhead's instance quest, "It's Sabotage! (Part III)", in Marleybone, I ask of you to extend the dialogue conversation with Bishop before he leaves to have Seraphus Strictus, it's second & last boss there, to engage in combat after he says, "Wait - I know you. You're the Pirate who destroyed Deacon! Oh my. Kane must be notified at once!". After that Bishop should say his new line, "Troops, occupy our intruders while I inform Kane of Deacon's demise." & Seraphus Strictus should say her new dialogue line, "As you command, sir. Surrender, saboteurs, or be destroyed!", just like how you added dialogue to some exemplary bosses, Evil Spirit (Dark Cave) in Cooper's Roost's Dark Cave from the quest, "Beyond the Grave", & Frido Banditoad in Arroyo Grande's Cueva De Frido from the quest, "A Good Deed, Indeed". It's a minor cosmetic request, to let you know, but I really liked these dialogue additions to these bosses that formerly didn't have any before engaging in combat, so, I just couldn't resist asking for more.

Hope you do this request someday, if you please.

Thanks again for listening!