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It's a Class, and a House, It's a Class Home!

Jan 23, 2011
So, this an idea. I know for certain this has been already said, but I though of more stuff to add! ;D

Swashbucklers Island.
As you leave your ship, the birds start chirping and singing there songs. Palm trees are every where, and wonderful flowers. You follow a dirt path to a long hallway. As you enter the building, statues, swords, armor, and paintings are displayed. Suddenly, you the hallway ends. No rooms, no nothing. Just a hallway. As you lean against the wall, unsatisfied, you stumble over. A Secret passage has opened. You cautiously walk, downer and deeper. Along the way a waterfall sprays over you. You continue. A door. As you open the door, a big room is inside, and several other rooms next to it. A home. (The house is constructed in a brick, there for no water leaks through, with a built in waterfall though, somehow. No logic in these games, ever.


Musketeers Fort
As you leave the boat, it's a beautiful green meadow, rabbits are hopping around. Creeks flow, grass rustles. As you walk toward the middle, a big huge tree appears. You are confused. As you walk toward it, a small door is carved inside, and you open it. A spiral stairway. You decide to go up, what can go wrong? Nothing! You reach the top, and you are met with rooms. You explore them, and stumble upon a room, a training center. Perfect for Musketeers!

I only have that. It's night where I am so... :P Goodnight!

Vanessa Everhart Level 20
Melody Collins Level 14
Allison Hawkins Level 6

Gunner's Mate
Apr 09, 2011
HMMM... I think your friend [ Zane ] i dont think the swashbuckler house should have big armor suits


click on name and search for swashbuckler house IT IS AMAZING... Hidden walls... Training rooms... Traps... climbing to get into the house... water... sand...


Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
I had some ideas, if it's okay that I add on.

Witchdoctor's Hut
You walk onto the swampy island. There are lot's of trees. You go to your small shack. On the first floor, you see just a regular house, but you haven't seen the second floor. On it, there are two doors. The door on the left leads to a work room, filled with potions, cauldrons, staffs, and elixirs. The door on the right lads to an empty room. There is a nice window, where you can watch your herbs grow or something like that (if plants are added). That room would be a nice bedroom. The perfect hut for a witchdoctor.

Privateers (insert fitting word here)
You run to the huge house, you could fit your entire crew here. There is a lot of space outside, perfect for training and activities. Inside the house, you're greeted with the coziest, and biggest, lounge you've ever seen. You walk up the stairs. On the second floor, there is a long hallway, with one doors on each side. These rooms canbe bedroom for your tired crew. There's enough room to fit an entire island in these things (not literally). A wonderful refuge from the crowded skies!

Aug 29, 2011
The buccaneer den is not actually a class house. They use the word "buccaneer" as meaning pirate. I know One Eyed Jack said this somewhere.

Nov 23, 2011
I too would like to see class houses. Given that there are school houses in Wizard101, I suspect class houses for P101 are on the "To Do" list.


Petty Officer
Dec 04, 2011
bobthunder85d on Jul 8, 2013 wrote:
The buccaneer den is not actually a class house. They use the word "buccaneer" as meaning pirate. I know One Eyed Jack said this somewhere.
well why didn't they just make it pirate's den. I would understand why people might think it's a class house

Aug 29, 2011
My guess is that pirates den doesnt sound as interesting as bucaneers den. Definition of bucaneer:


/ˌbəkəˈni(ə)r/NounA pirate, originally off the Spanish-American coasts.A daring, adventurous, and sometimes reckless person, esp. in business.Synonymspirate - corsair - freebooter - filibuster - rover

I think
Corsairs den sounds coller and is less confusing.