Issues with Mooshu and some Gear?

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
there is problem with some of the Mooshu Quests and a problem with some weapons that I must address:


"That was Yesterday" in Sujimura Village :
1. Takes way to long to collect the Key, what needs to be done is to increase that drop rate of that key.

(I understand you guys at KI want pirate101 to be challenging, but there is a fine line between Challenging and Overkill to just plain boring, ok)

The Rice collecting quest in Sujimura Village, the very first quest that Yuji gives to you, the drop rate for the rice needs to be increased.


Ancestor's Staff needs to be fixed:
Reason: When my Witchdoctor (Black Kai Zabra, lvl 41 Witchdoctor) is not in battle, the Ancestor's Staff looks like a normal long Bow Staff used for Witchdoctors, but when he is in battle, the Ancestor's Staff changes its size from a Bow Staff like weapon to a cane like size used for old men and back to normal after the battle is over.