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Initial Suggestions from a new player.

Feb 05, 2011
1, On the skyway - Limit Battle Chat to battle chat. - So there is no confusion when you say I'll heal, someone in a battle next door isn't wondering what you are talking about.

2, Level 30 Companion Swap spells, takes out one companion and swaps it with another random one from the table. Either first turn only, or swapping % health for % health, so if they were at 50% the next companion is too.

3, If not 2, then more companions to pick from, so we can set our deck up in a way that suits our playstyle, while still being random.

4, I am getting a bug where sometimes the press x to talk to people disappears and I can only sometimes bring it up, pressing x around them does nothing, it could be lag related. The solution is to log in and log out.

5, Auction House! :)

6, Crown Shop items that are distinct, they don't have to be more powerful, but definitely some companions that are not just copies of the others. Not much point buying what I already have, especially as they are randomly selected, unless I was dropping a lot of money to stack the deck.