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Increase of drop chance for own class

Dec 18, 2012
Yo there ship boys, pirates and red coats !

I am here first of all for to thanks for the awesomely funny game, even if i am an adult i always wanted some game with pirates! Then the reason of the post: since i am a worker, as i said, i am finding troubles into farming equipment for my musketeer; after a week of farm in my evenings and weekends around Subata skyway specially in temples on the giant-flying tortoise, i was able to get at max 3 useful class-items for my character (2 of them are the same item also ), meantime i filled my shared bank and an extra character with items for other classes (specially privateer); meantime i can understand that you want people to make more characters i invite you to ponder my request of an increase of loot for own character class, the game is long and nice but personally i don't have so much time for another character/repeat all quests, also since i come from rpg world i am used to play one character and stay sticked to it.

I know most of these points are personal reasons but worth a try to ask .
Thank you in advance for the attention and sorry for my poor english.

Greetings from Marleybone, errrhhhh Venice

Eccentric Roberto Bellamy
Duke of Hannibal