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Increase Chance of Pets Using Non-Attack Powers

Dec 30, 2011
Pets are currently hyper-aggressive in combat. This means that any powers a pet has that are NOT attacks (e.g., Kraken's Lament, Shark's Fury) rarely/never get used. Combine this with the fact that pets often show up late in combat (if at all), and any non-attack powers a pet has are worse than useless - they are a waste of a power slot.

I have frequently seen my pets use special attack powers; I have NEVER seen one invoke a non-attack power, either in PvP or PvE. Ironically, non-attack powers are all Rare/Ultra Rare, which (one would think) should make them more desirable than attack powers (Common/Uncommon), not less. I would like to see the chance of a pet casting a non-attack power on any turn be at least as likely as the chance of their using an attack power. Ideally, more likely than immediately charging across the board to certain doom, but I'll settle for equal.

To quote Ratbeard: "Every talent and power that your pet learns is useful for questing as well.". A power has to have a reasonable chance of being used in order to be useful...


P.S. I also don't understand why Mojo Strike/Mojo Blast are Rare/Ultra Rare, while the far preferable Kraken's Grotto/Hector's Bane/Banshee Wail are all Uncommon, but that's a different discussion...

Jan 16, 2010
I agree with you on this. I have only ever seen my pet use attacks that also grant a buff, but I have yet to see a pet use a regular buff in battle.

Hmmm... The pets should be as likely to use non-attack powers as regular mobs-- and I know that regular mobs will use them.

Pets certainly aren't functionally "locked out" of powers in any way. If they think it's the best move, they'll use them.

Of course, pets also think it's the "best move" to stand right in the middle of a huge pack of enemies, especially when that's the spot where you wanted to stand so you could use your poison/whirlwind/whatever.

The AI is pretty aggressive and un-subtle. We can see about improving how it analyzes more subtle moves outside the realm of attacking and healing.

Dec 30, 2011
It shows up most obviously on boards where the two sides are fairly far apart - either PvP or a large PvE board. Any pet who has infinite range spell attacks is almost guaranteed to use all of them immediately. All other pets make a beeline for the enemy. It seems like the AI algorithm is : "First I'm going to hit something, then I'll decide what to do next" (I didn't think I was treating Pigglesworth that badly). Unfortunately, many pets never survive long enough to get to the "do next" phase.

And I have no problem with pets taking desirable spots. Any cat owner can testify to their ability to get underfoot (usually at the most inconvenient moments), and their tendency to usurp the most comfortable locations for their own personal use. Apparently armadillos and cats share a common philosophy...

Thanks for looking at it.


Jun 02, 2013
yep my pet never uses its critical hit thing
i do have an infinite range attack thing on my put and it increases magic resist for 2 turns
rubbish power