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In Battle - characters & scenery disappear

Jul 25, 2011
The battle visuals are very frustrating. With the characters and scenery disappearing and reappearing when each hit is being attempted or character (friend or foe, pet) movement. The on deck fires disappearing and reappearing over and over... All this makes is very difficult to strategize for next round. (Which your brain starts doing automatically.) I realize some of this needs to be, BUT how about a level of transparency for a good amount of the visuals?
Thanks for a wonderful game by the way!

(i hope this makes sense i tried to make it short and sweet)

There are times when the scenery around you will dissapear. This is intended so the camera, as it swings around, does not become blocked by the scenery.

An example would be, a palm tree is at a certain location and the camera pans around directly behind the palm tree. We have the palm tree go away so you can see the action :)

Pirate101 Associate Producer