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Implenting Story And Promotions

Nov 03, 2012
Hi There KingsIsle,
I have a sincere question about the story in Pirate101, could the public offer ideas of interest to the story to try to involve the community by creating fan ideas into a passion because I love this game I'm either playing with friends or helping the lower leveled players where i can. Yes I know your busy with Pirate101 and Wizard101, but some things people are looking for are promotions for example the Eagle Mercenary doesn't have a promotion but you have a model for the promotion so is there ways for you to add a promotion to certain companions if you have the models for them, but what the community is hoping for are some new promotions and ways for them to get involved with you KingsIsle because if i can't tell all worlds are standing for certain countries or times and regions such as Napoleonic War and Napoleonicig War, or Cool Ranch and America's Frontier Expansion, but I'm wondering when will see certain changes too the game to keep the community on edge because I just got finished with Valencia and I adored it, but you tied it up well with bringing all the Armada Generals back and setting them up like Chess Pieces. In conclusion KingsIsle it would help if you reached out the community and help us by helping you with certain ideas or quests or anything in the like because it all starts with a core idea to turn it into a reality.
Sincerely, The Pirate Brigade :)