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Idea's or suggestion on avatar characteristics.

Dec 16, 2014
hello me Mateties,it be I Cap'n "RED"w/ a lil suggestion,I realize ye game"Pirate 101"& "Wizard 101"be targeted for the younger consumer,"but as thee advertisement say's,For "10 &up".I be think'en me lad's if ye would consider"characteristic facial & figure adaptation in the page of "Avatar Pirate creating",(i.e.)Beards,Moustache's,Baldheadedness,Tall,Short,fat,or skinny personalities & characteristics."WHY"?,because the world is made up of alot of beautiful things & forms,"AND"this would give the player a sense of "self ".they would be placing themselves into the game & the avatar would indeed be themselves."Only" the personalized avatar,NOT the other entourage of characters,they stay the same.basically the some creational mode eccept for;(i.e.)beards,moustache's,baldheadedness,tall,short,fat,or skinny avatars & figures.what say ye to this mateties.? give it some consideration of thought,"u 'al like it,"u"al like it " live long,& prosper !!! yarr !!!