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Ideas for Witchdoctor Epics

Jan 15, 2011
As you probably know, Witchdoctors are the only class that does not get any trainable epics. I think Witchdoctors should get some to help us in battles. Here are the epics I think should be trainable.

  • Readied Spell: This is technically a Witchdoctor Overwatch. Since Witchdoctors are bad at close combat, I think we should be able to train this epic, serving as a "penalty" for trying to get close, especially from Swashbucklers and Buccaneers.

  • Jobu's Ruse: This is a Witchdoctor Second Chance. Since Witchdoctors have naturally poor accuracy, I think this would be a useful epic to train. This would make "staffy" weapons more of a desired weapon for Witchdoctors, because most Witchdoctors use "shooty" or "stabby" weapons due to high damage and the high Agility they already have.
So what do you think about these? I thought about this and the strengths and weaknessess of Witchdoctors. If we can train these epics, we may have a fighting chance!