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Ideas for the Game

Petty Officer
May 12, 2012
Ahoy mateys!
I've started posting a little more on these forums and replying to others so today how 'bout we brainstorm some ideas for this game? Yes? Alrighty then ;)
I don't have many at this time, but we can keep adding numbers

Ways to Help KI Get More Players on P101

1. Tell our Wizard101 friends about the game and maybe they will try it out :D If a lot of us did it, we could get Wizard101 and Pirate101 to a semi-balanced popularity like it was in 2013 & maybe half of 2014. Wizard101 has so many players I don't see why some of them would like to try out this game. Wizard101 will stay popular even if we do this, too, because of the new world update and many won't want to miss it when it goes to test realm. A good time to ask a lot of your friends if they play P101 would be after Mirage comes out and some of them have gone back up to max again.

2. Retweet. :D Easy way to get the message out. You can even post on your personal social media and say "Doing PVP (or whatever your doing) on my favorite game Pirate101." And I bet some of your followers will look it up or ask you about it ;)

Ways to Improve the Game Itself

1. Add more things like Dreadnaught. I don't know what, but things similar to it, maybe something in a different skyway. I love farming the Dreadnaught, though it takes time to spawn. Sometimes it is pretty quick and if you try it again a few hours later it might take a while. Guess that's what a random spawn means

That's all I have for now, mateys! I'll be checking back on this forum ye have here!

Thanks for any feedback and ideas ye give.

Happy sailin'!
~ Darling Brittany Neels
Level 60

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Oct 22, 2015
Feb 11, 2010
I think it'd be really cool to see puppet shows of companions' backstories narrated by the characters themselves.

Sep 17, 2012
I love retweeting and sharing facebook post to try to expand out player base. Hope more people do this.