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ideas for new worlds

Nov 17, 2012
Hey I put this on another post but I want to start this up because I like to share and hear ideas of new worlds.
Mine would be called timetreekia. It would be in the middle of the spiral and control all of time and space. it would have time dragons, space warriors, etc. . It would also have this big gem that controls all of time and space and holds the spiral together in the first place. the point would be to stop Kane from destroying the gem and remaking the spiral. the final boss would be a golden time-space dragon that guards the gem and has some kind of connection with el dorado (that's why he's gold) . Finally once you beat the boss you find the last piece of the map to el dorado but what you don't know is that Kane follows you to el dorado.

P.S. At el dorado you fight Kane once and for all so timetreekia will be the second last world.

Valerian Quince. level 28 swashbuckler