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Ideas For Hidden Powers

May 09, 2013
As everyone knows, hidden powers are the new must-have for every class once the test realm hits live. There will no longer be a way to take a player out of the shadows, darkness, or fog. Many players think that this is overpowered right now in PvP, so I have been brainstorming ways to balance things out, and I came up with 2 suggestions:

1) Make hold the line activate on hidden players - This would allow players to choose a character to get hit with all the hidden attacks. Position Ratbeard in front of your crew and put a valor's fortress on him and you have somewhat of a defense against the onslaught of black fog.

2) Make black fog last 3 turns instead of 5 - This would force swashbuckler players to attack immediately after using black fog, which means the swash and his/her crew must be within walking distance of the opponent's crew before they go hidden, which means the opponent might be able to take a couple shots at them while they approach.

Any thoughts?