ideals for new things on pirate101

Mar 17, 2011
have you ever wanted to post you ideals about what you want on the game well now you can this topic is for ideals you have about what you think should be made on the game

here my ideal what if they made new pvp battle fields like one out of the classes like lets say you are a voodoo class on pirate101 and you are going into pvp there would be a person with the words over his or her head that would say rank pvp practice pvp and terment pvp and you could pick what one you wanted to do and so you would not have to battle on the same old boring feld they would have it set to random so you ended up on a new field every time like one of the fields could be lava and you both on some kinda ship floating above a volcano and here would be the cool part in each field it have it own thing like if you were underwater you have so many move before you drown or the lave one lave that can't be moved would start to aper on the field random and if you step in it you take 20 damage that way you would have to think about the battle and get to see new graphics.

Jul 07, 2013
Or if you could buy different pvp fields for your house.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey