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Idea Tweaks

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
Potential Charge-up:

Notes from last time's idea:
-Manual labor: must click a button to get better damage
-A bar ranging from 50% damage - 1x damage - 1.5x damage - 2x damage - 2.5x damage - 3x damage - 3.5x damage - 4x damage (the faster you click will determine the damage output).(Please don't sue me if your keyboard breaks. JK this power will never happen anyway. The planning is fun though).
-Each weapon or weapon combination has a different animation
-5 seconds to charge up


-Armor or resistance can affect the resistance of the place of the arrow on the bar. If the target has armor and you use physical damage, it will be harder to make the damage go up. If the enemy has resistance and you use magical attacks, it will be harder. But if you use magic against someone with lower resistance, it will be easier.
-Two hits. The first one is 1 damage when the pirate is getting ready to do an attack and the second one is multiplied or cut in half judging from your speed. It is easy, potential to kinetic.
-You get it at level somewhere and sometime
Wands- Pirate sticks in ground and a magic or lightning ball goes to target dealing one damage. Five seconds of manual labor later, the pirate spins in air and in the midst a magic/lightning/fire ball shoots out.
Daggers- Pirate brings up making an X form and deals one damage. Five seconds and pirate brings down the daggers.
Smashy weapons- Throws weapon in air and pirate jumps up kicking the target in the process (one damage). Charges up and kicks weapon to enemy. IDK
My imagination died down for now.