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Idea For New Member Benefits For Pirate 101

Jun 10, 2013
Ever notice how Wizard 101 seems to have more member benefits than Pirate 101? If Pirate 101 had equal member benefits perhaps more people would buy membership for both games. With that in mind, here are some ideas I came up with for new member benefit days for Pirate 101:

Midas Monday: All Pirate 101 members get 2(X) times(double) gold for winning fights every Monday.

Trivia Tuesday: All Pirate 101 members earn 5(X) times the Crowns for answering KI Trivia questions every Tuesday. So instead of earning the typical 10 Crowns per KI Trivia game, members can earn 50 Crowns if they pass the Trivia with 75% accuracy or higher.

Triple Thursday: All Pirate 101 members get 3(X) times(triple) experience(XP) on 3 random things every Thursday(for example 3(X) Pet XP, 3(X) sailing XP, and 3(X) brawlin' XP. Stay tuned to Pirate 101's Facebook and Twitter pages for what 3 things you get triple XP on for this Thursday.

Furry Friday: All Pirate 101 members get a morphing timer reduced by 50%(half) every Friday. Why wait 10 minutes to morph a new pet when every Friday members only have to wait 5 minutes?

At least at first, I don't think KI should have a special member benefit every day of the week. I recommend starting out with these 4 member benefit days and then if(and only if) a lot more people become members then have a member benefit day every day of the week.

Now this might cause a lot more people to become members of both games, and cause Pirate 101 members to be happier because they would no longer be inferior to Wizard 101 members.

Jul 18, 2016
You know, ever since Wizard101 got these Member Benefits, I've been feeling rather inferior to the Wizard101 players, but I prefer Pirate101 over WIzard101 any day. Sorry to all the Wizard101 fanatics out there, but Pirate101 is my game and I agree with you that it should have member benefits so we, the players of Pirate101, don't feel inferior and left out when compared to Wizard101 players. Pirate101 member benefits will encourage more people to buy membership on both games, especially with your great ideas which I'll go into more detail later in this post. Let me give you my opinions on your ideas that you listed for the member benefits and what I think of them.

1. Midas Monday- I love this idea, although Pirate101 needs more things to spend my gold on. I have 3 maxes sitting on my account all at max gold, although I do know a few max friends of mine who do Tower of Moo Manchu daily for gold. Midas Monday isn't a bad idea overall.

2. Trivia Tuesday- Brilliant. This will for sure encourage more people to buy membership, especially those who aren't fortunate enough to buy crowns every so often and must grind the daily quizzes for crowns. 50 Crowns instead of the usual 10 Crowns per quiz will make everyone happy, even if it's just for one day.

3. Furry Friday- Brilliant and this is coming from my perspective because I morph a lot and I'd like a morphing timer reduction so I can make more pets and train them as well. Also to add to your idea, members should get a faster energy refill time every Friday.

Overall, I think all your ideas are brilliant and trust me, I too wish Pirate101 had member benefits just like Wizard101. The lack of Pirate101 member benefits just makes me feel inferior to Wizard101 players.

Stormy Elijah Silver (Max Swashbuckler)
Corrupt Zane Silver (Max Privateer)
Dark Blaze Sharp (Max Witchdoctor)
Sly Brady Silver (Level 37 Musketeer-in-Training)
Merciless Toby Silver (Level 20 Buccaneer-in-Training)

Oct 28, 2012
Personally i'll take ANY member benefits since Pirate has none.
Also I like the whole "benefits planned out for the week" thing, its kinda cool