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I love this feature

Aug 28, 2011
Well I think it is cool how instead of everyone sitting in a desk (which there is nothing wrong with that) you guys made it where your pirates are like posing and the pirate that is selected I like how their flag is behind them! Love the game KingsIsle, this is really a keeper!

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
i agree, tons of fun with excellent graphics, story line, puppet shows, frustrating challenges etc etc

defo, a keeper

Sep 08, 2008
Yes, I'll add my agreement to this thread.

So far, this game is as much fun to me as Wizard101 was back in 2008. I just hope that future pet training system and the future expansions don't ruin the fun of this game, like it did in Wizard101. And if it does, I know I would have had at least a year or so of good entertainment.

Jun 08, 2009
OMG please do not mention the annoying wizard101 pet system before they add it here. that featured ruined wizard101 for me and my friends. in the end it was just me left in wizard101......
P101 is a good game but really hoping for them to update faster. I enjoy the ship sinking in this game and the nice ship gear drops. I also agree, I love how they standing in home screen.