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I have an idea..

Jun 20, 2013
Ill get straight to the point, because um.. i accidently deleted my other try at this post.
Why dont we have a modern military themed side world, which, instead of the usual storm gate, you get time traveled to the future. The worlds vendor could sell you battleships, machine guns( and other modern weaponary) and the story would be that you find a note on captain avery's cabin. Then, all of the sudden, a portal opens, and you get sucked inside.( well, in game you would enter it, of course.) then, the U.S.A Military( yes you heard me right) Attack you, but you get captured, and you need to escape from A MAXIMUM SECURITY COMPLEX.( yes, you heard me right.)
anyways, KL the rest is up to you. it would be cool if all of the other main characters, such as boochbeard, and the armada, ( Yes you heard me right) get captured too, and all of you have to escape.

As for weapon powers, weapons like the Stated machine Gun would give you a talent that allowed you to attack 2 times, occasionaly more. and, the more you buy from the vendors( or do they story) there items levels will increase, so you dont have to farm enemys that are at max ( yes, the father you go, the stronger the enemies are, all the way to max lv.) Anyways, i just wanted to tell you Kl about this, and i wouldent care anyway if this stuff wasent added, this is just an idea that i thought could help people wait for the next chapter.

Dec 06, 2012
Sep 20, 2009
No offense meant to the post. The idea in itself could be interesting.
But, as a military personnel, I have to say please no. Not because the idea is terrible, but simply because I would not want to get home from work, log into the game, simply to traverse a world inspired by ... my work.

Would you be excited to get home after school, log into to Pirates in order to complete missions in a school based world, or an office based world? Military personnel like to take breaks from their work just the same as anyone else.

Oct 18, 2013
That sounds intresting and fun, but one qusetion.
Why is the U.S. attacking U.S.
That was a terrible joke I'll leave.