I can't discard Pet Items?? Really???

Jan 17, 2012
ValkoorTheVictorio... on Jul 22, 2014 wrote:
Hey there Max. I personally find it much easier when I am at max-gold if I just go to the Morphing Tent and attempt at least 1 morph. This way I can 'unload' about 18,000-22,000 gold on just 1 item. If you don't want to keep the resulting hatched pet, then you only have 1 item to sell. Or you can just 'store' it in your pirate's house, without taking up much room. This will clear up a good chunk of gold space and then right after exiting the Morphing Tent, you can hit the nearby Snack Vendor and buy a few Snacks from each Snack Class/Category and sell those unwanted Snacks and/or gear.

I personally hang on to every Snack I get until I need gold, just in case I get a new pet from Wranglin' or Morphing, and will sell off Snacks that I have when they reach 100+ in number. I do sell a lot of gear and just the other day in one 'selling' I recouped about 40,000 gold. I get what you are saying as far as why are we not able to dump the Gear/Snacks if we can trash pretty much everything else in the game. It's a good question, but the fact remains that it is just the way it currently is.

I personally believe that an easier work around with the whole Maxed Gold and unloading unwanted Snacks/Gear is to just do one quick morphing attempt and since you are right at a Snack/Gear vendor, unload those undesirable Snacks/Gear for gold- being as you will now have room with the avg. 20,000 you just spent to Morph. Then buy some low level Snacks from each Snack Class to help with the +1(2) Power from your pet Liking the Snack and then train, sell or store the pet (only 1 item) that you got from morphing. If all stats on your pet are maxed excluding Power, then the lower level Snacks may be the better way to got to avoid 'wasting' a High Ranking Snack's attribute/XP bonus that could be used on possibly a new pet in the future.

Who knows, you may even discover a Hybrid during this process.

This is just my suggesting and what I prefer to do, but either way best of luck!
That's not a bad idea.

I still think you should be allowed to discard pet items.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Max DeGroot on Jul 31, 2014 wrote:
That's not a bad idea.

I still think you should be allowed to discard pet items.
I understand Max and it wouldn't hurt or hinder anyone else if it was an option. I mean you can choose to trash a really nice piece of gear or a weapon if you want to, and it has no bearing on someone else's gaming experience. Just about everything else is able to be trashed so it seems to make sense that the snacks and gear should be too, if you so choose.

I personally would rather clear up a little bit of gold and then sell what I don't want or extras. I hit max gold pretty regularly and still seem to find plenty of things to spend some of it on and never seem to have enough gold. Some of those snacks and gear are worth over 1000 gold a piece, so when I find something to spend gold on, those extra or unwanted items help get a bit back. If you are into the whole Pet Morphing Thingamajig, which I surely am, you never seem to have enough gold to go around.

There are a lot people that are voicing that you should be able to trade snacks and gear amongst pirates, which is in a way a form of discarding it on your current pirate. So, being able to have the option to just discard it in the first place shouldn't be that much of an issue....to each their own, and each player has the right to make those kinds of choices. But, like I said, I much prefer to keep them and sell them when I could use just a bit of extra coinage- especially since they don't take up any room in my pirate's pack.