I am awfully upset

Sweet Talker
Apr 30, 2011
The Scylla-Fight is impossible, not only are the heads annoying, the spawns are steel, this is awful, I want advice asap.

Sweet Talker
Sep 19, 2011
Hi Beautifulmonkey. The Scylla fight can be easier for you if you stay back far enough that you only fight one head at a time. I then make sure I'm fully healed before I take on the next one.
The green fog that appears is the spawn so I avoid it til all the heads are dead and I have run around my deck removing any extra tokens there. Once I have made sure all tokens are cleaned up I still need to fight the spawn but now there is only a few it is a more manageable fight.
Now I did have to use a aquilan ship to beat this as my Mb ship didn't have a good enough wheel to keep me healed as I was fighting. I have found several good wheels since then while fighting ships in the aquilan skyways so idk maybe you'll get lucky with a drop if you are still on a Mb ship.
Hope this helps you some what.