How we could love Pirates101 more...

Nov 15, 2010
I've been playing Pirates101 for several weeks (counting the beta and the head start). As both a long-time player of Wizards101 and a huge pirate fan, I was very excited when I heard about the new game from Kings Isle and I was not disappointed. The game captures the flavor of the pirate genre while still managing to maintain the family friendly atmosphere of Wizards101 -- not an easy juggling act.


There are some things that I think would vastly improve the game experience:

1. Stitching equipment: Let's face it. Pirates are all about the look. I hate it when I finally get a good look working for my character and then I have to choose between better equipment and keeping my look. I'm a pirate! I want it all!

2. Price balancing: I'm certain this is something that will improve as the game continues, but some things seem obvious. Every single furniture item seems to cost 1,000 gold. At the rate at which we collect gold, it's going to take an awful long time to furnish a house! Especially with no furniture item drops. And don't even get me started on training tomes! Omg, that eats most of my gold right there. It seems that either some prices should be lowered or sale prices raised. Which reminds me...

3. Bazaar: A bazaar where characters could sell (and buy) the equipment they pick up could help with the price balancing and create a place where everyone gathers as well. Perhaps a "smugglers cove" or something similar (run by a bird girl named Robin LaFeet?).

4. Travel: It takes forever to travel between quests. Get in the wind lane...go fix a pot of coffee...come back...not there yet... I admit, I'm not quite sure how to fix this one. Yes, there is the ship boost, but who has the gold to use that all the time? (see #2) Traveling between worlds also takes much longer than it does in Wizards101. Maybe just tweek the ships speeds a little? I'm not sure.

Still for a brand new game, Pirates101 is great! Aargh!

The Bloody Morgans