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How to make Pirate 101 more epic... ARR

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
Ahoy there!

All who agree with these ideas say, " ARR "

Ability to level your ships.
There are a lot of nice ship designs out there, unfortunately they are quickly out classed as you progress though the game. Please create the option for players to level the base stats of their ships so our favorite designs can remain relevant as we increase in level. Otherwise everyone will be flying (Invincible Class) ships by level 50.
Rather boring... no?

Create a (NPC Engineer) that, players can go to, where they can spend gold to increase the base stats of their FAVORITE ship designs... based on the player's Nautical Level.
Ex: Cannot raise ship's level beyond your Nautical Level.

Allow crown ships to level beyond vendor ships so those who spent crowns on a nice ship wont loose out on the boost those ships have over the vendor versions.

Create (Captain's Cabins) for the ships that players can go inside & even decorate with housing items too.

Create a (Crew Deck) for the ships where players can go below deck to associate with their crew like we do in the taverns.

The ability to stitch weapons & clothing like we do in Wiz 101. Create a NPC seamstress for clothes/jewelry/totems & a Weaponsmith for weapons.

Create (Dock Yards) we can buy for our houses, so we can park our fleets.

Ability to stitch ship parts. Ever have a set of sails, anchors, or figurehead you really like on your ship; but want the stats from another? I do. I have many.

Have the (Engineer NPC) do the stitching.

What do ya'll think Kings Isle... & fellow Pirates


Robert Quick " ARR "

Aug 21, 2009
I think many of those ideas were ones I've posted, but they ought to be done as the players would enjoy the game a lot more. Should be done for gold though, not crowns. Gold should be sold in the crowns shop for a lot less money as gold is so tight that people would buy it if it were less expensive in real life and therefore more useful. Tight gold should allow everything to be offered at a gold price rather than at just a crowns price.

Petty Officer
Aug 22, 2010
I agree Seasnake about having it cost gold to upgrade your ship's level.

What I was saying about the crown version of the ships was this.... The crown versions are set to be stronger than their gold equivalents you can buy in the game from ship vendors. I was suggesting that the crown versions be allowed to level higher than their gold equivalent, so they will still have their relevance of being a crown ship. That way people won't feel like they wasted their money buying a crown ship.

May 17, 2011

nuff said.

-Dark Amber