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Housing item destroyed!

Jan 29, 2010
Ok, there needs to be a fail-safe put in place when your back pack is full. I just logged back into the game after being off over night. I had no idea my back pack and bank were full when I logged out last night. When I went to my house today to move an item from one location to another location (in my house) I got the message that my back pack and bank were full and that item was destroyed.

Now, I know KI put that action into effect for battles and drops and if my pack gets full it says an item got destroyed, but this was a housing item that I bought, and I was only moving it from one place to another. If anything there should be a fail-safe in place that says some thing like, "Your back pack is full, are you sure you want to pick this item up?" If nothing else when you are in your house and your bank and backpack are full any item you pick up in your house should be sent to your attic and you should get a notification stating that. At no time should a housing item be destroyed while you are in your house. At least this was nothing more than an item I can replace for gold from a housing vendor. However, if this had been an item that I paid crowns for I would be livid.

I think KI really needs to address this issue promptly.

Jun 14, 2011
I have had two Items that I have bought with crowns destroyed. It does make you livid and there, up to this point, isn't really anything you can do about it!

Feb 18, 2011
That's never happened to me,but it sounds REALLY unfair!I feel bad for you!