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Housing Dungeons and interlude FMV cutscenes

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
  • Wizard101, as of currently, has the very first housing dungeon ever made in the game, if you all remember, the Midnight Sun Pagoda, and I do mean, the very first Housing Dungeon in the game. It was the most amazing change of housing I have seen in the game by far! Adventures in the comfort of your own home! Brilliant! I'm expecting to see more of those in W101, but I wouldn't mind seeing Housing Dungeons added to Pirate101. Wouldn't it be great to have Housing Dungeons in Pirate101? I would play them for hours, winning much good loot from foes.

  • I like the Puppet Shows in Pirate101! They do tell much of tales with hilarious portions placed throughout the game's story! Funny to play them again and again! However, I believe there ought to be replayable interlude FMV cutscenes added to Pirate101. The interlude FMV cutscenes are CGI-created cinematics that interrupts the game play in certain aspects of the game's story. These FMVs, for example, focuses on the arc villain's moments on observing the Pirates' progress throughout the game, commencing and planning various attempts to stop the Pirates from defeating them and beyond. Much like the Puppet Shows we have now, they can be replayed again and again, just to relive the moments, and enjoy some good laughs. I would like to enjoy interlude FMVs added to Pirate101. They won't serve as a replacement whatsoever. Tell me what you think of them.