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Jul 16, 2009
Hi, personally i think there should be more choices in housing.
more furniture, more houses, maybe lower the prices of housing
and also maybe do what there was in W101 where you could preview the houses too
i know that my friends and i all want houses but dont know what they are like and cant earn enough money

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2009
I agree - Greatly!

There is so little to housing in P101 - and it has SO MUCH potential. I know that game creating takes a while So I don't fuss. But theses things aren't in wiz either - and I don't know why??? It cant create age inappropriate situations :P

Housing is a great part of the game. I only wish there was more sociality to it. You know:

Walk over to a chair or sofa* "Press X or Click to Interact"

Or If you could buy walls and Doors to partition and create room inside those HUGE rooms. Place pools you can swin in XD:

Walks over to door* "Press X to Interact"
Stands over Pool: "Press X to interact"

Or Buy interactive food items, even if its just yum machines.

Walks over to Yum Yum Machine: "Press X to chug som a dat Yum"

You know, make houses more Fun and Interactive...

Even the ships you unbottle - you cant sail away from the house back to the spiral.