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House Keys

Sep 29, 2010
Do you have a house that's so amazingly awesome, that your friends wish they could visit it at anytime they want? Now you can with House Keys. They will be special items that you can buy, max of 3 or max or 5 to give to your most trusted friends. Simply buy a pack of House Key's from the crown shop (300 for 3 keys, and 500 for 5 keys) and then choose a friend to give it to. After choosing the friend, the player will select the house that key will lead to. When the friend is gifted a key a note will come up and say "You have been trusted enough by (example) Faithful Wolf Freeman enough to earn a house key from him, now you may visit his Commander's Garrison whenever you want." Some of you may be thinking, "What if you don't want anyone running around your house when you aren't there or just don't want anyone there period?" Again, I thought of a solution. The "Allow friend teleport button" will deactivate the house keys when it is turned off which will send them a message; "Faithful Wolf Freeman has temporarily deactivated his house keys, try again later." And lastly, some of you may think "Will they be able to move or pick up my furniture?" The answer is no. Players who have a house key will ONLY be able to run around the house, not pick up or move anything. This could be something that could work for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. The reason I thought of this is because, I built the Celestial Observatory on Wizard101 and everyone loved it. But since I was busy most of the day with school, my friend's couldn't go to the house and enjoy it unless I was online. I wanted there to be a way for them to go there whenever they wanted even if I was offline so that's when I got the idea for house keys. Tell me what you think.

~Faithful Wolf Freeman~ Level 65 Privateer, Vice Admiral