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Hoodoo Bundle online

Aug 01, 2011
Hello One-Eyed Jack! I was just wondering if you could put the Hoodoo Bundle online? It's probably too much to ask, but I can't get it in my nearby Walmart. Apparently they don't sell it. Which is kind of odd. Considering that they have like a bunch of Wizard101 cards. If you could do this I would be happy. If you can't that's fine. But it would be convenient. Especially for other players that can't find it in their stores too.

Sneaky Jonathan Lv62

Hiya! I'll restate here what I just posted on this thread.

We're working with our partners at InComm to help get these bundles to all Walmart locations, but our contract with InComm limits our ability to sell the Hoodoo bundle online while they are available in retail stores. If you do want to help our quest and can't locate the card you want, you could contact InComm at to make them aware that the cards are not in your local Walmart locations as expected.

We certainly appreciate everyone's efforts and interest in the Hoodoo bundle!

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Jan 25, 2012
Having a hoodoo probably ask to much like he said, but some people that dont live in within the area where's there's a Walmart, of course if they dont sell it