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Hit or miss on staff attacks

Petty Officer
Sep 18, 2009
On the staff attacks that hit in an X pattern, it is rare that more then 2 foes line up in that pattern. When they do, I think a hit should be on a per creature basis. I was excited (silly I know) when I had 5 buffaloons actually line up in the X pattern for Old Scratch to wallop with his wand. But if any one of the 5 dodges, in this case the lower right leg of the X when the main target is the center, the attack hits NONE of them. Seeing as buffaloons have a fairly high dodge rate, this means that witchdoctors or staff attackers have a reduced chance of hitting anything if there are multiple targets. Pretty backwards logic. Could this be adjusted to a hit/miss for each target and not hit/miss x5 to calculate the possibilty of any hit on the whole group?

Wanted to redirect you over to this thread where Ratbeard explains a little more about how this works.

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