Help requests

Sep 09, 2010
If you need help on something on pirate 101 Then tell me the time the realm ,the skyway and a place to meet at before we go there so I can friend you

First Mate
Dec 12, 2011
Same for me (i hope you don't mind me helping you help people, lol ).

My name is Bloody Belle (level 65) and I'm willing to help anyone that needs it. If you need help from either me or Krokotopia Pirate, and don't have the crowns to buy henchmen, then just ask. I'm a Swashbuckler and fly using the Armada Wings Gracie made for me a while back. If you ever see me and need help, just ask

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Once you get chat function you should join Friends of Mercenaries for Charter. These are people that help the mercenaries help other pirates through the game. They chose their team members from those that consistently help them and are a good fit for what their team needs. The way that you love helping would make you a natural fit for that team, you just have to have chat to do it. So......I guess it can be a future goal for you.
Your wonderful tendency and great skills at helping others would guarantee you blooming beautifully there

Dec 19, 2012
krokotopia pirate on Aug 31, 2013 wrote:
If you need help on something on pirate 101 Then tell me the time the realm ,the skyway and a place to meet at before we go there so I can friend you
same here some day I might gain the title for worlds most helpful pirate and kind!
eager morgrim rakes level 25 witch doctor

Sep 09, 2010
Your not the most helpful pirate....there are other pirates that deserve the attention that everyone should deserve ...I hope you understand I am not being rude ....I'm just telling you how i feel and there are other pirates that deserve it too..see you in the spiral....

Jul 07, 2013
Here is the thing about help requests: Virtuous Dante Ramsey level 65 here. I don't mind friending people and helping but I've been running into a problem where those I've helped in the past simply expecting me to help them on every quest in every dungeon no matter what. If I'm on I get instant messaged by saying "port to me." If I am busy players will complain I am taking too long to get to them when I can't help the fact. Then I rush to them too see they don't need help at all.

Or I'll spend all my time helping them but they in turn won't help me out. If someone in game asks me to help it is a question of choice. Please be aware that I may want to do some of my quests too. Don't be affronted if I say no as it is anyone's right. Also if somebody does say no to helping do not insult them by calling them a noob or any other such names. If they do offer help thank them for their time and offer them assistance as well.

Let's work together here and also respect those who also need to do their own quests too.

Petty Officer
Mar 29, 2012
I like to help allot of people, its fun to see several dungeons, places again and it is fun to help a pirate out of course, so if you need a hand give me a yell here give me a place, realm and time/timezone and I will be there with my ''dino'' and little ''toy hammer''

see ye all in the spiral pirates!