Heavy Armor - Rat Beard please view

Oct 15, 2012
Hey Rat beard, i noticed the last MINOR update (i think it was) you gave a couple of characters heavy armor, very well deserved. ( i do believe it is you who give that kind of stuff) Subodai, Barnabus, Louis Le Bisque ( Louis should have it mostly because of his crab shell.)

i very much agree with this, but there are a few characters i (and a good deal of other people i think) believe deserve it too, i call them Warriors: https://www.pirate101.com/forum/a-pirates-life/what-is-a-swashbuckler-8ad6a40435cin thd8a9b0135e cf1cb67202d9?page=4 Kobe Yojimbo. The Monkey King, Samocles, Masamune Gotu (if he doesnt) and the Eagle Hoplite (i forget his name) honestly they are covered in armor and i think it is because they are swashbucklers that you didnt give it to them, (Minus Masamune) but take Kobe for an Example, he is a BULL (that alone is heavy armor ) and a Samoorai, covered in armor, more than Subodai! dont you think they deserve the heavy armor stat too?

Thanks for Considering, Cunning Xavier Veldon

(Also, i think Kobe is much better and more sensible to be a buccaneer, he carries two blades, he is a BULL, he has heavy armor, and he most times wield his blade with two hands i think my buccaneer friends would really like that, seeing they have Whales Might to boost him)

Thanks again! Xavier

sorry wrong link - https://www.pirate101.com/forum/a-pirates-life/what-is-a-swashbuckler-8ad6a40435cd8a9b0135cf1cb67202d9?page=4#getPostLikeHistory_8ad6a4143f5b8686013f6f701b9323af

Dec 16, 2011
well like the idea but kobe is a swashbuckler and the starter minions aren't supposed to be your school and swashbucklers have to swords sorry i got off topic