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Head-to-Torso Clothing

Jun 09, 2013
Had you ever ventured into the Black Market, you would've probably come across the head-to-torso Smuggler attire within the gear section. Personally, I like the fact that such clothing saves you an extra hundred Crowns (if you so wished to stitch gear) and believe that more of said clothing should be implemented into the game. Please don't get me wrong, I like the ones that we already have. I even have nick names for them: Master Smuggler's Armor = Slade Wilson, Master Smuggler's Garb = Edward Kenway, and Master Smuggler's Mail = The Invisible Man. With this being said, here are two ideas that I came up with if such clothing were to be made:
Aristocrat's Attire
This would include a fancy, gold-trimmed, frilly suit or dress, depending upon your gender. In addition to this, a white, powdered wig would sit upon the head of your avatar.

Judge's Robes
Oops! No alliteration here! Anyway, this would include a proper judge's robe and wig.

Well, my friends, please add more to this post if you are compelled to do so. Compliment, criticize, yar, or unyar -- whatever the case!

- Jack

P.S. Be sure to use the hash-tag: #You'reDaftJack