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Hawkules Promotion?

Petty Officer
Feb 05, 2013
Hey guys! I'm at the level cap, and I was just pvping with my companions when i was like, "whats hawkules promotion gonna be in the next book?". So if anyone has some ideas for what it should be, please tell me I love hearing all of ya'all ideas.

-Daring Destiny Dove Lvl 65 Musk

Petty Officer
Jul 06, 2010
Since we only just recruited Hawkules, it's unlikely he'll promote in the very next book. I've tended to notice there are usually two worlds between each promotion. For example, the starting Five companions (Subodai, Kan Po, Kobe Yojimbo, Egg Shen, and Wing Chun) all promoted in Monquista. Then, we had Valencia, then Cool Ranch. They promoted a second time in Mooshu. Same with the Magnificent Seven. We found them in Cool Ranch, then went to Mooshu and Marleybone, and then they promoted in Aquila.

May 09, 2013
I think his promotion will be in the next book (which I think will include an Aquila expansion to Valencia). I think it will involve the 10 tasks of Hercules in Greek/Roman mythology. Which means it could be a very long promotion...