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Haunted Galleon et similaria

Oct 02, 2012
Hi I've a Haunted Galleon,
the problem is that there is no way to better the standard equipment nor to better the ship herself.
At the very beginning of this the new book we can buy better ships/equipment with gold... To me i seems unfair that a boat bought by crowns can't have a better armor, sails, rudder, figure head...

Gunner's Mate
Dec 26, 2013
Right there with you on this. I got a Ghost Origin ship from a pack purchase and while it's highly cool and extremely powerful it would still be nice to have the option to swap out sails and weapons.
Perhaps in the future KI will add a vendor for this stuff. Heck, they could even make it hard to get to... maybe stick it out in Avernus or the Haunted Skyway.
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