Halloween themed events and quests?

Dreamy Dreamer
May 16, 2011
Welcome, ye pirates! Have a seat. Would ye like mug of yum?
Now, we all know that right now Wizard101 is having their yearly October themed events, yes? Well, if Pirate101 were also to have such festivities, I would approve. Who else o' ye pirates agrees?

Angel Ambassador
Nov 23, 2011
Certainly I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to do (and they've already told us they are going to do something). DItto for the Pirate101 Birthday Bash. KingsIsle throws a nice party.


Honey Buncher
Nov 17, 2012
Be Mine Beginner
Nov 15, 2010
Maybe something like a maelstrom that appears only around Halloween and inside is a massive wrecks of ghost ships that acts as a dungeon similar to the wreck of the victory. Maybe there could even be different sections meant for people that are different levels.