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Guilds suggestions and ideas

Aug 01, 2011

- groups to quest with
- fellowship and bonding
- the ability to trade items throughout the group
-guild hall where members can relax
- help with dungeons

- guild rankings which will reset weekly [ 6 points for every win, 3 points for draw, 1 point for a loss]
- members can form pvp groups
- increases competition between players

Additional Information:

You can start a guild for x number of crowns. The maximum number per guild would be 300. Upgrades to guild hall can be bought with gold/crowns. Deputies can be appointed.

Problems with guilds and their solutions:
1] People without a guild would be excluded
Solution: If the leaders by one week have not filled all the space in the guild, members will be chosen randomly. This means even if you did not get an invite you can still join a guild and the guild number would be expanding making sure no players would be left out

2] If you don't want to be in a guild
Solution: In options there would be a button which would say accept guild request which you can say yes or no

3] If I don't like the guild and want to leave?
Solution: At any time you can be given the option to leave the guild and apply for another.

4] What if members of the guilds behave badly?
Solution: They may be reported and will receive either a temporary or permanent suspension from the guild.

Thanks everyone for reading and please leave suggestions or criticism below