Great Ideas for the game!

Apr 10, 2009
I developed some really good ideas for the game; I hope you like them:

1. At one point in the storyline we return to Valencia and find our former captor Deacon is back! After further investigation, we learn that the Armada impressed(the act of forcing one to serve them) the original creator of the clockworks and forced him to continue building their army as well as resurrect Deacon using the spare parts from the Gold mine back in Cool Ranch.

2. Also while in Valencia, it is revealed that the mechanical birds act as spies for the Armada and bring any information discovered back to them(Little Hunger Games reference).

3. We learn the importance of Skull Island to Marco Pollo as well as how the map piece ended up in Gunn's hands.

4. Marleybone learns we caused the war between it and Valencia so we must find a way to convince them not to make us enemies as we helped them in so many ways.

Hope you like them!