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Gracie Conrad Promotion Idea

Apr 02, 2011
Here's one, kinda based off of Steampunk and Clockworks, so yeah!

Gracie Conrad Level 68 Steam Mechanic
Hat: Top Hat with clock (roman numerals) in center
Robe: Overall but skirt instead of shorts + leather boots
Shoes: Black Boots
Weapon: Hammer matching flag base and wrench matching flag trim
Gracie is missing some cousins, and it all started when her cousins went to a clockwork engineering school, so you have to run around three world finding clues to where they are (this is a longer one).
Gracie Conrad: Captain something been eating me, it a real mystery, lets get to a tavern and discuss this.
Gracie Conrad: Captain, here's a case for you, my cousins, Eric and Edith Benchley have been lost for a few months now I think we need to find them. Strangely it all started when they entered Steam Engineering Academy, to become a part of the Steampunks, a small society in Marlybone, anyways lets find Admiral Nelson, he and the others keep full watch over everyone in Marlybone.
Admiral Nelson: Ah welcome back! Eric and Edith? Edith didn't make the cut, and she joined the Spiral Geographic Society and went with a bunch of scientist to Celestia. Eric was kidnapped by the Radicals. Their hiding in some tunnels in the sewers.
Gracie Conrad: As always, they hid in here.
Hephestus Fox: You want Eric? Tsk tsk.
Hephestus Fox: Wait we don't have him, we sent him to Mushoo to be tortured by the Ninja Pigs! Please let us go!
Gracie Conrad: You want me to be merciful while your sending my cousin to a torture chamber?
Bonnie Anne: There's a Ninja Pig Torture Chamber in Subata, we should check there.
Gracie Conrad: Here we are, after this we should go send a letter to Edith in Celestia
Ninja Pig: ...
El Toro: Really? Were doing this still?
Ninja Pig:
Level: 67-69
Class: Swashbuckler
Epics: Repel Boarders x3, Relentless x3, Repost 2, Bladestorm x1
Health: 3900
Bonnie Anne: Look! There's a note!
Dandleous: Dear Porky Pig, I am happy to inform you that we will be taking your prisoner off your hands by noon, meet my in Hamamatsu.
Ratbeard: So that's the angle eh?
Bonnie Anne: Lets go! It seems to be sent from Illios
Dandleous: Ah ha! Remember your cousin? He's to exiled soon!
Level: 68
Class: Privateer
Epics: Second Chance 3, Repost 3, Flanking 2, First Strike 2
Health: 5000
Eric: Thank goodness!
Gracie Conrad: Eric! We got to write a letter to Edith.
Eric: Don't worry I already did!
Gracie Conrad: Well captain lets get back to a tavern!
Gracie Conrad: Well that was a huge circus was that? Thankfully on the way out Eric handed me this new stuff! Lets test it out!
Epics Given:
Second Chance
Turn the Tide
Well that's it, kind ran out of space on here, have 200 characters left.