Gortez (In Reference To Instance, Not Companion)

Aug 17, 2013
In the quest given once inside the instance "Rite Of Passage" an NPC called "Aguirre" informs you that "You don't TALK to Gortez, you LISTEN to him." So by those means, why does the quest goal LITERALLY 10 seconds later say "Talk" to Gortez when I feel it SHOULD say "Listen" to Gortez for both A. The previous conversation with the afore mentioned NPC that literally didn't even have time to exit the mind of the players in the time it takes to finish talking to him and "Talking" to Gortez I also think it would give humor in the sense it says "Listen" meaning you would listen to his lecture. I think that fits the story YOU YOURSELF implemented in the dialogue.



Oct 27, 2009
Interesting point. I guess the only answer is, we are rebellious pirates who don't listen to flunkies on etiquette ( I refer to Aguirre ). Then Gortez cuts off whatever we were about to say.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
This is just niggling nitpicking - yeah, you get the instruction to "talk to Gortez" but you don't say anything and you have to listen to him anyway.